Install Garageio


Connect the Blackbox to your wireless network

Download the iPhone or Android Garageio app. Open the app, select "Setup Your Garageio," and connect your phone to WiFi.

TIP: Garageio requires a 2.4GHz WiFi network. It cannot connect to a 5GHz WiFi network.

Enter your Blackbox Code or select “Scan Code” to scan the QR code on the back of your Garageio. Then select “Verify Code.”

For iOS, enter your WiFi name and password, then select “Continue”.

For Android, select “Choose Network” then choose your WiFi network and enter your password. Or select “Enter Manually” and enter your WiFi name and password then select “Continue.”

Select “Begin Setup” and hold your screen to the Blackbox SETUP port for 10 seconds. The Blackbox’s front light must be blinking orange for Setup to work.

TIP: If the Blackbox's front light is not blinking orange, restart the Blackbox by toggling the power switch, and select the "Reset Blackbox" option in the app.

Once Setup is complete, the front light will flash green several times while it connects to the Garageio service, then turn off.

TIP: If the Blackbox cannot connect to the internet, the light will blink a diagnostic code. You can find the meaning of each code in our help center. LED Status Code Patterns.

TIP: Additional troubleshooting instructions can be found in our help center. WiFI Troubleshooting.

Enter your 16-character Blackbox code below (located on the back of your installation card) or scan the QR code to verify BlinkUp has been successfully connected.