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IFTTT Launches in App Integrations with Garageio and Other Partners


IFTTT - Garageio in app integration

As part of the company’s bid to grow in ubiquity, IFTTT is taking the next natural step: instead of expecting users to find or write those recipes themselves on IFTTT, it will now allow developer partners, such as Garageio, to embed those IFTTT recipes directly in their own third-party apps...(read the full article)

Garageio review: Garageio is the smartest garage door opener yet


CNET reviews Garageio - CNET

Garageio's self-named device is a relatively simple black box that hardwires into your current garage door opener. From there it integrates with platforms like Amazon Echo and IFTTT... (read the full article)

Garageio Wins People's Choice Silver in the Internet of Things Awards

IoT Awards

Garageio wins People's Choice Siler in the IoT Awards - IoT Awards

From enhancing playtime to improving security, networked devices are making our homes safer, smarter, and more connected. The Connected Home award recognizes products that should be part of everyone’s family... (view winners)

7 Home Improvement Upgrades You Should Make in 2016


Garageio is a home improvement upgrade you should make in 2016 - Turcom Consumer Electronics USA

Home automation can now answer one of life’s most pressing questions: Did I forget to close the garage door?... (read full article)

Garageio Brings Intelligence to Your Garage

Tech Geek 365

Garageio brings intelligence to your garage - Tech Geek 365

Shoppers this holiday season traded in their overstuffed retail bags for a comfy seat in front of the computer. Nearly 102 million people walked the brick-and-mortar shops while more than 103 million checked out online... (read full article)

Amazon Echo picks up new Garageio skill

Android Central

Amazon Echo Alexa picks up new Garageio skill - Android Central

Amazon is pushing through with more updates to improve the capabilities its speaker with smarts, the Echo. In its latest round of additions, Amazon has given the Echo's digital assistant, Alexa, a new skill... (read full article)

Easy Smart Home Upgrades

Nerds On Call

Garageio is an easy smart home and smart garage upgrade - Nerds On Call

The home of the future is available today; they are energy efficient, they protect you and your family, keep you updated when you are away, and even keep your plants alive... (read full article)

Garageio: Let's See What You Can Do With Echo's Alexa

PC Mag

Garageio is one of the first seven initial investments for Amazon's Alexa Fund - PC Mag

The Alexa Fund launched today with seven initial investments: Orange Chef, Scout Alarm, Garageio, Toymail, Dragon Innovation, MARA, and Mojio. Each focuses on a different service, from cooking and home security to toys and exercise... (read full article)

Amazon invests in Columbus startup with debut of Alexa Fund

Columbus Business First

Amazon invests in Columbus startup Garageio with debut of Alexa fund - Columbus business first Inc. chose a garage-door control device invented in Columbus for one of the first investments of its $100 million Alexa Fund announced Thursday to support startups working on voice-control technology... (read full article)

Garageio Brings Smarts To Your Garage Door


Garageio brings smarts to your garage door - CNET

Garageio can imbue almost any garage door opener with remote access and monitoring capabilities... (read the full article)

Garageio + the business possibilities in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Silicon Angle

Garageio and the business possibilities in the Internet of Things IOT - Silicon Angle

So why buy into IoT? Let’s take my company’s product as an example. Garageio allows a user to open and close their garage door from ANYWHERE in the world. You heard me, anywhere... (read the full article)


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