Status Update – 22 April

We Are Almost There!
The Garageio team has been hard at work chiseling away at every aspect of what it takes to make an extraordinary product by a few ordinary individuals. We wanted to take a second and send out an update on our overall progress. Dave and I have been wearing out our keyboards writing app updates and working closely with some familiar names on platform integrations which will allow Garageio to talk with some other great products in and coming to the market.

Shipping and Order Status
Greg has been working diligently on scaling manufacturing options and, in the immediate timeframe, assembling and fulfilling existing orders. Due to the availability of some of the components, we are only receiving about a third of the expected shipment for the Fundable backer fulfillment. Our plan was to have all Fundable orders shipped the week of April 21st but given this situation, we can’t realistic achieve this goal. We will continue to move down the list in order and will continue to work with our suppliers to expedite the remaining shipment.

We have created a new status page which we update every few days:

Support Tickets and Inquires
The entire team spends as much time as we can answering contact inquiries and supporting our current users to the best of our abilities. If you have sent us something, we did see it! We promise to give a response as quickly as possible (although sometimes it is not as quick as we would hope).

We take to heart the support everyone has given us thus far and continue to push forward to make things even better than the day before. Everyday, the Garageio team aims to accomplish as much as is humanly possible. Each team member continues to battle these challenges to continue our pursuit of the traditional American entrepreneurial dream.

New Installation Video!
The Garageio Team just recently shot a brand new video which details each step of the simple installation process. We are working on integrating it into the online instructions, but for the meantime, you can check it out here:

Ideas born in the garage, made in the garage (and in this case FOR the garage!) still remains possible today.

Thanks for your continued support!

Zak Dziczkowski
CEO /Co-founder