Garageio Now Available On


We’re happy to announce that Garageio is now available on! As an IoT hardware startup, it’s extremely important to be available on as many different platforms as possible. So we are adding another distribution channel to our arsenal with! They have a huge selection of other awesome smart home and IoT products such as the Amazon Echo, Insteon, and Ecobee. Thanks to the folks over at Smarthome for believing in our product!

Garageio + Myknock

We are proud to announce that Garageio now works with Myknock!

Myknock makes your connected life better for you and your family. It saves you valuable time by removing the clutter of multiple apps with multiple logins.


Why have Garageio and Myknock teamed up? The garage is a unique access point to your home for the entire family. While most devices and services do a great job catering to a single connected user – Myknock caters to the connected family. Similarly to your Philips Hue smart lights, Nest thermostat, and all your other connected devices, you may want control and personalize how each member of your household uses Garageio. Instead of having to install and manage multiple apps to operate your smart home, Myknock gives you total control from a single dashboard.

Myknock supports multiple user-based profiles allowing the household owner to share access to their connected life devices and services with others as desired. Myknock is the only solution that seamlessly works for all of the members of the household, greatly improving the digital life experience by letting users share access with every member of the family.


Garageio and Myknock both create a smarter and simpler way to monitor and control your smart home and your life. It only makes sense for the two to work together. Learn more about Garageio + Myknock and our other integrations on our WorksWith page. You can also check out Myknock’s press release on prweb!

Myknock is a free app and is available at and can be downloaded from the links below:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

A Remodeled Garageio App

Garageio’s App has been in need of a serious makeover for quite some time. Through tons of awesome customer feedback, a successful Beta Test, and 4 months of rigorous development, we are proud to announce that we are releasing a brand new Garageio App!


The new app has a completely redesigned aesthetic that brings its looks up to speed with its Blackbox counterpart. But looks aren’t the only thing we focused on, after all, true beauty is on the inside.

What’s new on the inside you may ask? Below is a list of just a few of the new features that are in this first release.

  • You can now Manage Users inside the app (View/Add/Remove users for your doors)
  • New Door Settings Menu for each of your doors
  • New Account Settings Menu

This is just the beginning of  new developments you will see in the near future. As Garageio continues to grow and we develop new integrations, features, and surprises, the app will not be lagging behind. The importance of Garageio’s user experience will be kept in the forefront, starting with the app.
So if you love the new app and think it’s perfect, let us know! If there is a feature or integration you want us to implement, or a particular design change you want to see, let us know! We want the app to be a living piece of software through continuous development in order to create a better experience for you.

You can download the new Garageio app on the App Store or Google Play today! Please leave us a new review with your feedback!


Garageio’s Doing A Beta!

We need Beta Testers! Garageio has been busy in the kitchen (or in our case, the garage) cooking up some exciting new developments.

Apply to be a Beta Tester

If you’re interested in being the first to have access to our awesome ideas, this is your chance to join the Beta Program! As a Garageio Beta Tester, you will get to try out our newest innovations before anyone else, personally interact with the team, and have a direct impact on the future of Garageio.

Make Your Garage Even Smarter!

We’re excited to announce the debut of the Garageio Skill for the Amazon Echo™ which allows you to control your garage using your voice! To use the Garageio skill, you need to enable it in the Alexa Companion App (or website).* Simply open the app, tap on Skills in the menu, and then press Enable for the Garageio skill.

Once enabled, you can link your Garageio to your Amazon account by speaking the following to Echo:

“Alexa, ask Garageio to begin setup”

Learn More

* In order to use Garageio with Amazon Echo, you need to own both Garageio and an Amazon Echo.

Garageio Dashboard Updated!

Today we released a minor update to the Garageio dashboard.

Each door’s “Latest Activity” section will now include the application that triggered the door open / door close.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.32.15 PM

Door open/closes from the website will be identified as Garageio Web.

Door open/closes from the iPhone and Android apps will be identified as Garageio Mobile App.

Door open/closes that occurred before this update was made will not include the application that triggered the door open / door close.

First Garageio Blackbox Prototype

IMG_5149-2 with logo

Today marks a special day for us at Alottazs Labs.  Today, our dream became a reality.  The arrival of our first prototype brings us one step closer to market and the beginning of a paradigm shift on standards of connected devices.  All of us here are gearing up for our first round of testing and look forward our release to the market shortly.

For more information, check our features and FAQ page.

Prototype Update

As fall approaches, Garageio is working hard on putting the finishing touches on the prototypes. It is these prototypes which will be distributed to our local testing team in and around Columbus in the coming weeks. We are truly excited to get our work into real households. I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a preview of the iOS app interface. The user interface is still constantly being tweaked but this should give you an idea of what to expect.

iOS_login IMG_0267

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, we would love for you to be one of the first to get Garageio. Simply contact us at Stay tuned for more updates!