A Remodeled Garageio App

Garageio’s App has been in need of a serious makeover for quite some time. Through tons of awesome customer feedback, a successful Beta Test, and 4 months of rigorous development, we are proud to announce that we are releasing a brand new Garageio App!


The new app has a completely redesigned aesthetic that brings its looks up to speed with its Blackbox counterpart. But looks aren’t the only thing we focused on, after all, true beauty is on the inside.

What’s new on the inside you may ask? Below is a list of just a few of the new features that are in this first release.

  • You can now Manage Users inside the app (View/Add/Remove users for your doors)
  • New Door Settings Menu for each of your doors
  • New Account Settings Menu

This is just the beginning of  new developments you will see in the near future. As Garageio continues to grow and we develop new integrations, features, and surprises, the app will not be lagging behind. The importance of Garageio’s user experience will be kept in the forefront, starting with the app.
So if you love the new app and think it’s perfect, let us know! If there is a feature or integration you want us to implement, or a particular design change you want to see, let us know! We want the app to be a living piece of software through continuous development in order to create a better experience for you.

You can download the new Garageio app on the App Store or Google Play today! Please leave us a new review with your feedback!


Garageio’s Doing A Beta!

We need Beta Testers! Garageio has been busy in the kitchen (or in our case, the garage) cooking up some exciting new developments.

Apply to be a Beta Tester

If you’re interested in being the first to have access to our awesome ideas, this is your chance to join the Beta Program! As a Garageio Beta Tester, you will get to try out our newest innovations before anyone else, personally interact with the team, and have a direct impact on the future of Garageio.

Garageio iOS App 2.0 Released to the App Store!

Today we released version 2.0 of the Garageio iOS App to the Apple App Store.

This version of the application includes a number of features that have been requested.


Using version 2.0 of the iOS app, you can now enable/disable door open alerts, change the notification tone that is played when you receive a door open alert to one that is more subtle, and set the time zone in which your garage is located.

iOS App 2.0 - Settings Screen

Each of these settings will be stored on your phone. In addition, each of these settings will be backed up to your Garageio account so that they can be recovered if you need to reinstall the app, switch phones, etc.

Alert Tones
You can now choose between two different alert tones. Loud and Clear is the default tone.

Loud and Clear (default)


Time Zone
Setting the time zone will ensure that open and close times are reported correctly on your Garageio dashboard located on our website.

Shake to Refresh

When you access the Garageio iOS app, the app requests the status (opened/closed) of each of your garage doors. Shaking your phone will now tell the app to request the status of each door again.

Door Open/Close Changes

In addition the Garageio app has been updated so that you cannot open or close a garage door that is in the process of opening or closing. When a door is opening, a status message will appear stating “door opening”. When the door is fully open, the message will changed to “door opened”. Similar messages will appear for a door that is closing and closed.

iOS App 2.0 - Dashboard

We’re looking forward to your questions, comments, and feedback. You can contact us at any time via our Contact form.