Collision Conf Post-Mortem

Phew! What a week Garageio had down in New Orleans at the Collision Conf! It was three awesome days of super informative talks, tons of cool and innovative startups showcasing their products, and networking with some influential people at the local bars during happy hour.


Our exhibitor booth got tons of traffic from the media, investors, speakers, and more. We spoke with a huge variety of people who wanted to hear our story and understand our technology. We were also super lucky to have a couple of awesome startups as neighbors! QuickTask, an employee time management software startup based out of Canada was on our right. And WASD Studio, a virtual reality startup based out of Mexico was on our left!

We made some great connections and found some interesting startups that you may see Garageio working with in the future! While it was difficult to step away from the development grind for almost an entire week, and now having heaps of emails to catch up on, it was totally worth it. Collision Conf is what a startup conference should be: All about the startups.

Can’t Wait to See You At Collision Conf 2016!

Next week 15,000 people will be heading down to New Orleans for Collision Conf for three days of startups, entrepreneurs and networking. Garageio was selected as one of the few startups to exhibit and we would love to see you at our booth! Come stop by and have a chat with one of the co-founders: Zak, Jess, Greg, or myself who will be in attendance. You can try out using your voice to control Garageio with the Amazon Echo and see why Amazon chose us to be one of the first seven recipients of the Alexa Fund.


Come check out how Garageio can turn your garage into a smart garage and how we plan on revolutionizing the way you receive your packages and groceries within your home. You’ll get to try out opening and closing a garage door with just a simple swipe and see all the other smart home and IoT devices that Garageio works with.

If you’re attending Collision Conf this year, stop by our booth at C-311 in the Sports/Builders/Machine Exhibition Area on day three. If getting to meet the Garageio team and using your voice to open a garage isn’t enticing enough, we’re giving away some really cool FREE stuff! We’ll be holding a drawing and giving away a free Garageio and Amazon Echo as well as giving away some pretty sweet swag! Hope to see you there!

Garageio Exhibits at Collision Conf

Garageio is super excited to announce that we have been selected to exhibit at Collision Conf in New Orleans, April 26-28!


Collision, also known as “The anti-CES”, focuses on startups and the people behind all of the amazing technology and companies that are attending. While many of the big names are going to be there (Tumblr, IFTTT, Slack, and many more), Collision gives smaller and younger startups the opportunity to showcase our ideas to investors and the media as well as interact with hundreds of interesting entrepreneurs like ourselves.

We’ve got our very own booth! While we’re down there, we’ll be sharing our experiences on all of our social media channels so make sure to follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook to see what we’re up to while we’re in New Orleans!


Garageio’s Doing A Beta!

We need Beta Testers! Garageio has been busy in the kitchen (or in our case, the garage) cooking up some exciting new developments.

Apply to be a Beta Tester

If you’re interested in being the first to have access to our awesome ideas, this is your chance to join the Beta Program! As a Garageio Beta Tester, you will get to try out our newest innovations before anyone else, personally interact with the team, and have a direct impact on the future of Garageio.

Garageio Wins People’s Choice Silver in 2016 IoT Awards!

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.32.33 AM

Thanks to all of our extremely supportive fans and customers, we are now able to claim the title of People’s Choice Silver in the 2016 IoT Awards! It came down to the wire in the last hours of voting and we couldn’t have done it without every single one of your votes. To everyone who reached out to their family and friends by sharing on facebook, tweeting, emailing, texting, or hand written note via carrier pigeon, we owe you our gratitude.


Vote Garageio for the 2016 IoT Awards!

Garageio_IOT_Facebook_ALT (1)

Vote for Garageio Here!

Garageio is nominated for the Connected Home category for the Internet of Things Awards! If Garageio has made your life easier and you love having a smart garage, please support us by voting. To cast your vote, click the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can vote once per day until 1/22 so make sure to come back and vote again!


Garageio is on!


We launched our much anticipated Fundable crowdfunding campaign ( this Tuesday, November 12th to eager backers. We are excited by the show of support to date and grateful to those who believe in what we are doing. Garageio has come a long way from the proverbial napkin drawing (it was a very lovely napkin) and now, we step into the light to be counted.

Support Garageio on Fundable!


There are a number of ways to support our campaign (even if you don’t have a garage!). The campaign has five levels:

  • $1+ – A Thank Tweet To You From The Team!
  • $10+ – High-quality Die-cut Garageio Sticker
  • $129 – One Garageio Kit for a Single-Door Garage (retails for $149)
  • $139 – One Garageio Kit for a Two-Door Garage (retails for $168)
  • $149 – One Garageio Kit for a Three-Door Garage (retails for $179)

Be sure to tell everyone you know that we are actively raising. It is a great way to be a part of something big.

Lights, Camera, Action! Share our campaign page with your Facebook friends, tweet it to the world, tell your co-workers and your neighbors. Help us make Garageio a success!

Garageio Launch Party

This past Saturday, we set aside our computers and soldering irons to celebrate a milestone in Garageio’s history, its launch. It has only been a year since we started but so much has happened. Over the past 12 months, we developed, designed, coded, tested, tweaked, sketched, ordered, assembled, discussed, wrote, argued and agreed our way to what we have today.

Friends and family enjoyed themselves as we reminisced about our journey. I speak for the entire team when I say, thank you all for celebrating this milestone with us!