5 Ways to Use IFTTT Recipes with Garageio


IFTTT (short for “if this, then that”) announced last week via their blog and other media outlets that they have been working closely with other apps to implement their recipe style automation into native apps. Turns out Garageio is one of those apps.

In short, IFTTT’s recipes are great for getting apps and devices that you use on the reg to interact with each other without being prompted to do so.

Before now, you had to download the IFTTT app or visit their website to get everything setup. Today that changed. Over the course of the last year, the Garageio team has been working with IFTTT to integrate those formulas inside our own app rather than relying on IFTTT to handle the coordination elsewhere.



The result is you can now use all IFTTT recipes right within the Garageio native app to do cool things like:

IFTTT Recipe: Close your garage door if it starts raining connects weather to garageio

IFTTT Recipe: If I arrive at my house then open my garage door connects ios-location to garageio

IFTTT Recipe: Send a Notification when my door opens or closes connects garageio to ios-notifications

IFTTT Recipe: If I leave my house then close my garage door connects ios-location to garageio

IFTTT Recipe: Open my garage door when I start my car at home connects automatic to garageio

You can read all about IFTTT’s new integrations and its developer partners on TechCrunch, Forbes, CNETEngadget, and even in French on Next Inpact!

Latest Activity Now Includes Opening and Closing a Door Outside of Garageio

Over the weekend we released a major update to Garageio. This update tracks door opens and closes that take place outside of Garageio (the website, the iOS app, the Android app, and IFTTT).

Now, when your door is opened or closed with a remote control or wall push button, the action is recorded and appears in your Latest Activity on your Garageio dashboard.

Garageio - History - Non Garageio Event

Opens and closes that take place outside of Garageio will be represented with “Non Garageio Event” along with the name “Non Garageio User.”

These toggles will also be broadcast to IFTTT so that recipes using the Door opened or closed trigger include them as well.