Garageio 10% Off Holiday Sale!

Starting on Thanksgiving Day, we will be offering all Garageio Products for 10% off! Watch out for the discount code here on our blog, twitter or facebook page! What better gift to give a friend or family member than the peace of mind that only Garageio can bring.


Garageio means no more getting stuck outside when your garage door remote gets lost or stops working. Garageio means no more jumping out of your car and freezing your fingers trying to enter a code on an old keypad. Garageio means peace of mind always having control of your garage. Anytime. Anywhere.

Ebay Innovators Collective

Garageio just made it onto Ebay’s Innovators Collective!

The Innovators Collective is an exclusive list of innovative products featured on Ebay. With only 30 products on the list, why did Ebay choose us? We believe it is because of our vision: We built Garageio with the future in mind.

Smart home devices are changing the way we live and the way we interact with our home. We are making sure that Garageio works with other smart devices. While other smart garage door openers may have the same function, they don’t have the integration that makes us stand out. Garageio talks to your other smart home devices, giving you complete control over every aspect of your home.

A big thanks to Ebay for believing in Garageio and putting us on the Innovators Collective! Check out our product page on Ebay here:

New Garageio Helpcenter!


The new Garageio Help Center is live! For any and all of your Garageio related questions, you can now visit! We have also added a bunch of information to help you connect your Garageio with Amazon Echo. Connecting them is now easier than ever. You can check out the new documentation with step-by-step instructions here.

Garageio is getting smarter every day and we are constantly improving and developing Garageio to make sure your experience is as simple and secure as possible. Stay tuned for more updates!

Visit Garageio Helpcenter

Make Your Garage Even Smarter!

We’re excited to announce the debut of the Garageio Skill for the Amazon Echo™ which allows you to control your garage using your voice! To use the Garageio skill, you need to enable it in the Alexa Companion App (or website).* Simply open the app, tap on Skills in the menu, and then press Enable for the Garageio skill.

Once enabled, you can link your Garageio to your Amazon account by speaking the following to Echo:

“Alexa, ask Garageio to begin setup”

Learn More

* In order to use Garageio with Amazon Echo, you need to own both Garageio and an Amazon Echo.

Garageio + Amazon Echo = The Future


Last week, Amazon announced their new Alexa Fund offering a $100 million in investments to fuel innovation in voice technology. Who was one of the first seven companies to be a part of the Alexa investment? You guessed it – Garageio. Our team is excited to now be part of the Amazon Echo ecosystem!

The Alexa Fund is centered around the Amazon Echo, the voice-controlled assistant (Alexa) which provides information, answer questions, plays music, reads the news, check sports scores or the weather, and now, can control your garage.

Garageio extends the Echo’s capabilities into the garage to control and monitor a user’s garage doors. For example, before falling asleep many homeowners wonder whether the exterior doors are all locked, their windows are shut, and their garage door is closed.  Now, all it takes is a quick question to Echo or another Alexa-enabled device: “Alexa, ask Garageio if the garage door open?” If it is, just say “Alexa, tell Garageio to close the garage door.”

The Garageio/Alexa app will be available soon to all Echo owners. If you have an Echo but not a Garageio, get yours today via Garageio’s website or on Amazon. We are looking forward to more exciting things still to come as our team continues to dream and explore the edge of possibilities.

– The Garageio Team

Garageio iOS App 2.0 Released to the App Store!

Today we released version 2.0 of the Garageio iOS App to the Apple App Store.

This version of the application includes a number of features that have been requested.


Using version 2.0 of the iOS app, you can now enable/disable door open alerts, change the notification tone that is played when you receive a door open alert to one that is more subtle, and set the time zone in which your garage is located.

iOS App 2.0 - Settings Screen

Each of these settings will be stored on your phone. In addition, each of these settings will be backed up to your Garageio account so that they can be recovered if you need to reinstall the app, switch phones, etc.

Alert Tones
You can now choose between two different alert tones. Loud and Clear is the default tone.

Loud and Clear (default)


Time Zone
Setting the time zone will ensure that open and close times are reported correctly on your Garageio dashboard located on our website.

Shake to Refresh

When you access the Garageio iOS app, the app requests the status (opened/closed) of each of your garage doors. Shaking your phone will now tell the app to request the status of each door again.

Door Open/Close Changes

In addition the Garageio app has been updated so that you cannot open or close a garage door that is in the process of opening or closing. When a door is opening, a status message will appear stating “door opening”. When the door is fully open, the message will changed to “door opened”. Similar messages will appear for a door that is closing and closed.

iOS App 2.0 - Dashboard

We’re looking forward to your questions, comments, and feedback. You can contact us at any time via our Contact form.

Latest Activity Now Includes Opening and Closing a Door Outside of Garageio

Over the weekend we released a major update to Garageio. This update tracks door opens and closes that take place outside of Garageio (the website, the iOS app, the Android app, and IFTTT).

Now, when your door is opened or closed with a remote control or wall push button, the action is recorded and appears in your Latest Activity on your Garageio dashboard.

Garageio - History - Non Garageio Event

Opens and closes that take place outside of Garageio will be represented with “Non Garageio Event” along with the name “Non Garageio User.”

These toggles will also be broadcast to IFTTT so that recipes using the Door opened or closed trigger include them as well.